The Top 30 Cafes that Offer Oat Milk in Toronto

The Top 30 Cafes that Offer Oat Milk in Toronto

Have you heard about the latest plant-based craze to hit Toronto cafes? No, it’s not avocado toast: it’s oat milk!

In case you’re not as obsessed with coffee as me, here’s a quick refresher. For cream junkies like me, it’s the perfect plant-based solution: it’s creamy and cuts the acidity of the coffee (unlike almond milk, which I find makes it even more acidic) without adding any additional flavour (unlike soy milk, which I find has a more distinct soy flavour that I don’t always enjoy). The first time I tried it, I was hooked — and now I’m on a mission to get everyone else just as excited as I am!

That’s why I decided to put together this list of cafes in Toronto that serve it. I’m hoping this will make it easy for anyone who wants to try it to do so. (If you’re in Leslieville, it seems like half the cafes there sell it, so you really have no excuse!)

This isn’t an exhaustive list, of course. As I began compiling it, I realized there’s probably a lot of cafes out there that offer oat milk that I haven’t had the chance to visit yet or even heard of.

Still, I hope that this list can provide a way to explore Toronto’s cafes via oat milk — and that I can keep adding to it as I discover more and as I hear from other oat milk fanatics as well!

1. Reunion Island Coffee

Neighbourhood: Stackt Market; the Junction

The main advantage of getting oat milk at Reunion Island? There’s no extra charge! I really appreciate that they’re doing their part to make plant-based living more affordable. Their location in Stackt Market doesn’t have seating, but it’s the perfect spot to grab a delicious coffee before exploring the other shops there.

2. Lion Coffee

Neighbourhood: St. Clair

Located near St. Clair Station, Lion Coffee is a great option for my oat-milk-loving friends who are slightly further north. Plus, they sell amazing chocolate… so why not check it out?

3. Bellwoods Coffee and Gelato

Neighbourhood: Trinity Bellwoods

With homemade cold brew and a variety of delicious gelato options (I recommend the Blueberry Lavender from Death in Venice!) you really can’t go wrong with this adorable cafe just outside Trinity Bellwoods.

4. Fika Cafe

Neighbourhood: Kensington Market

Fika is a Kensington mainstay, and for good reason. Pro tip: their lavender white hot chocolate, a winter special, is to die for (especially if you add oat milk, of course!). In the summer, I’d recommend a cardamom iced latte like the one pictured above. However, beware: they don’t have wifi on weekends, and it can get quite crowded, especially over the summer.

5. Pilot Coffee Roasters

Neighbourhood: Union Station; First Canadian Place; Ossington West; Greenwood-Coxwell

Pilot supplies many other cafes in Toronto with their delicious beans. Now that they have a location in Union I’m sure many weary travellers have been invigorated by their flavourful roasts — and their cafe along Ossington is a gorgeous, accessible space.

6. Propeller Coffee

Neighbourhood: Landsdowne

Propeller is another well-known Toronto roaster, but their cafe location is also a great location to check out — industrial and gorgeous.

7. The Library Specialty Coffee

Neighbourhood: OCAD

The Library doesn’t have much seating, but it does have Craig’s Cookies… so definitely consider giving it a try if you’re near St Patrick Station. It’s a great space to have a quick catch-up with a friend or to grab a drink on-the-go!

8. Te Aro

Neighbourhood: Leslieville

I haven’t had the chance to check out Te Aro yet, but I’ve heard good things! They also feature Pilot beans., so if you’ve had the chance to try Pilot and liked it, they’re another great option.

9. Tokyo Smoke

Neighbourhood: Leslieville; Queen West

Yes, you can get more than weed at Tokyo Smoke! They also offer an unlimited espresso deal, so if you live nearby, it’s definitely something to consider.

10. Boxcar Social

Neighbourhood: Leslieville; Summerhill; Harbourfront.

The original Boxcar up at Summerhill used to be one of my favourite cafes. Now that I’ve had the chance to explore the city a little more, I find it a little too dark, but they’re still a well-known contender (and great if you’re also hoping for some whiskey!).

11. Dark Horse Espresso Bar

Neighbourhood: Leslieville, Queen/Spadina

Dark Horse has always been hit or miss for me — I find the one at Queen and Spadina a little too busy, but the one at Queen/River is much more to my taste. I know there’s also another one somewhere but I haven’t been so can’t comment.

12. Jimmy’s Coffee

Neighbourhood: Queen West, King West, Gerrard and Bay

I’m a big fan of Jimmy’s, and even though I don’t fully understand why they have two locations across the street from each other… I still like it! I like how the layout of their cafes is always a little eclectic (and peep the vintage coffee machine turned into a table at their Portland location!)

13. Fahrenheit Coffee

Neighbourhood: Downtown

Fahrenheit is a great option if you’re looking to grab a coffee and go. Both their locations are suited for that rather than being spaces you would go to sit down (just something to be aware of!).

14. The Dock on Queen

Neighbourhood: Leslieville

The Dock is a charming spot that reminded me of a homey diner rather than some of the modern, sharp cafes you find downtown. With sofas and live music, it’s the perfect space to relax and grab a coffee with a few friends!

15. Piedmont Coffee Bar

Neighbourhood: The Village

I’m lucky enough to live quite close to Piedmont. It’s a beautiful, bright space, and it’s off the main area of both the Village and Yorkville so it wasn’t that busy when I went either — a cute neighbourhood secret!

16. Jacked Up Coffee

Neighbourhood: Yorkville

The truck at Jacked Up is adorable and iconic — and I can’t believe I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet! It’s definitely on my list for this summer.

17. Coffee Oysters Champagne

Neighbourhood: King West

I’ll be honest, I’m not totally sure how coffee AND oysters AND champagne fit together… but I like it! This cafe-bar’s aesthetic is gorgeous, and although I haven’t been yet, it’s definitely on my list.

18. Maker Bean Cafe

Neighbourhood: Bloorcourt, Ontario Science Centre

Getting to drink great coffee AND getting to 3D print something at the same time sounds like a dream come true — and it can if you check out Maker Bean! (Plus, they have a gorgeous space featuring lots of local artists. What’s not to love?)

19. Aroma Espresso Bar

Neighbourhood: all over Toronto!

I’m pleased to see that Aroma, which is a more mainstream option than the other cafes on this list, is now selling oat milk because it means that more people will get to try it out! If you love sweet drinks like I do, I’d recommend their Pistachio Latte.

20. Safehouse Coffee

Neighbourhood: Dundas West

This was the only cafe I hadn’t heard of before writing this list, but I’m excited to give it a try. (And you know I’m a sucker for a pretty floor, so this photo really sold me!)

21. Bluestone Lane

Neighbourhood: King East

Bluestone Lane is one of Toronto’s newest cafes, and one of its most newly popular if my visit was anything to go by! It’s a bright, delightful space that also serves small breakfast options like the almighty avocado toast.

22. Balzac’s Coffee

Neighbourhood: Distillery, Ryerson, Yonge/Bloor

Balzac’s is the place to go if you want to try a variety of alternative milks (they also offer macadamia, which isn’t one I’ve seen anywhere else. They have a variety of locations downtown — my favourite is the one in the Reference Library because, well, it’s in the Reference Library!

23. Rooster Coffee House

Neighbourhood: King East, Danforth, Yonge/Bloor

Rooster’s three locations are well dispersed throughout the city (and fun fact, I’ve lived near two of them!). Check out their location near Broadview Station if you want a great spot to grab a coffee and sit by the park.

24. A-OK Cafe

Neighbourhood: Yorkville

A-OK Cafe is a tiny location tucked in beside the Aritizia along Bloor. It’s a beautiful location, and one I’d definitely recommend checking out following a shopping spree.

25. Creeds

Neighbourhood: Casa Loma

I know it sounds like I love all the cafes on this list, and I really do, but Creeds holds a special place in my heart! I love their huge space — there’s always room for me to sit down and work with my computer. Also, they never play music too loudly, which is a huge plus. Try their Hojicha Latte (pictured here) if you want something a little more unique!

26. Strange Love Coffee

Neighbourhood: Union Station; King/Spadina; Queen/Bathurst

Strange Love is one of the first “indie” cafes I really liked in Toronto, and it’s still a favourite of mine now. Try their Lovers’ Latte if you’re into sweet drinks!

27. Early Bird Coffee and Kitchen

Neighbourhood: Union Station; Queen/Bathurst

Early Bird is well known for their brunch (you’ve definitely seen that avocado toast rose!) but they also serve a variety of delicious drinks. Check out their PATH location near Union if you’re looking for a space to relax during work hours.

28. Fix Coffee & Bikes

Neighbourhood: Parkdale

I love bikes and I love coffee… so this is the perfect cafe for me! Although the interior is a little sparse, it’s tucked away on a side street so it’s very quiet.

29. Away Kitchen

Neighbourhood: Queen West

I haven’t tried their coffee, but I can confirm their plant-based pizza (and fondue!) is delicious. Plus, their space is gorgeous: filled with plants and light.

30. Mos Mos Coffee

Neighbourhood: several locations downtown

Mos Mos offers a variety of inventive lattes in addition to the usual fare. I’m very intrigued by their mango chai latte — that’s the one I’m hoping to try next. (I’m also very intrigued by the fact that one of their locations is inside a Staples — that’s the one I’ll have to go to!)

Have you tried oat milk yet? Let me know in the comments if you know of any other great cafes that I need to try that serve it!

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